Lost in the Memory Palace

Janet Cardiff and George Bures Miller


Publisher: Vancouver Art Gallery

Lost in the Memory Palace: Janet Cardiff and George Bures Miller is published in conjunction with the exhibition organized by the Vancouver Art Gallery and the Art Gallery of Ontario in 2013-14.

This publication offers an in-depth exploration of seven major works included in the exhibition: The Dark Pool, 1995; The Muriel Lake Incident, 1999; Road Trip, 2004; Opera for a Small Room, 2005; The Killing Machine, 2007; Storm Room, 2009; and Experiment in F# Minor, 2013.

Artists Janet Cardiff and George Bures Miller are internationally renowned for their work with new media and technologies, producing compelling environments for interactive experiences. The exhibition is focused on the theme of “the room” and provides an overview of their collaborative history. The room as a site of narrative production has a long and diverse history in art, but few artists have approached it with the imaginative focus, intensity and persistence of Cardiff and Miller.