Experiment in F# Minor


Experiment in F# Minor


Interactive mixed media installation with audio and speakers

2.44 x 1.83m

Cardiff & Miller

On a large table sits a collection of bare speakers of all shapes and sizes. Light sensors are inlaid into the edge of the table and as the viewers move around the room, their shadows cause the various sound and instrumental tracks to fade up and overlap, mingle and fade down. Numerous viewers in the room create a cacophony of musical compositions that vary according to where the audience walks or how many people are in the room. When the space is empty, the table fades to silence.


  • Musicians: Rob NcDibagh, Rhiannon Schmitt, Anni Lawrence, Rod McDonald, Kyle Miller, Rudi Strauss, George Bures Miller, and Janet Cardiff
  • Construction Assistants: Eric Fagervik, Robyn Moody,
  • Sound Editor: Titus Maderlechner
  • Production Coordinator: Zev Tiefenbach

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Janet Cardiff and George Bures Miller

Eds.: Elisa Tellez, Zev Tiefenbach


Museo de Arte Contemporaneo de Monterrey

ISBN 978-607-9355-14-2