Sad Waltz and the Dancer Who Couldn’t Dance


Sad Waltz and the Dancer Who Couldn’t Dance


Mixed media installation including wooden desk, marionettes, robotics, audio, and lighting

4 min. loop

140cm x 70cm x 160 cm

Curated by Carolyn Christov-Bakargiev for the 14th Istanbul Biennal Courtesy of: Fusun and Faruk Eczacibasi Thanks to: The Vault Hotel and Staff, Luhring Augustine, New York.

Cardiff & Miller

A male marionette wearing a tuxedo appears to play ‘The Sad Waltz’ composed by Edward Mirzoyan on a tiny model of a grand piano. His fingers seem to search out the notes as the music changes. On the desk surface beside him is another marionette attempting to dance to the music. Her movements are both fantastical and distressed as she fluctuates between crumpling on the floor and soaring through the air, her long black hair enveloping her. All the while, the pianist stoically plays on.


Sad Waltz by Edward Mirzoyan

Performed by Arjen Seinen

Production Assistant: Maryke Simmonds

Production Coordinator: Zev Tiefenbach