The City of Forking Paths


The City of Forking Paths


Video Walk

64 Minutes

Commissioned by the 19th Biennale of Sydney as a City of Sydney Legacy Artwork as part of the City Art Collection

Headphones donated by Harman/Kardon

Cardiff & Miller

The City of Forking Paths (2014), uses an iPod Touch to visually and aurally navigate a route from Customs House to Circular Quay and then into in the historical area of the Rocks in Sydney Australia. As we walk, we follow the audio and video on the screen, which was previously recorded from the same location. The voice of Cardiff leads us by the harbour, through busy streets, up stairs, and through lonely laneways. Against the backdrop of the real time city, Cardiff and Miller have positioned scenarios onto the corresponding virtual video topography, incidents, performances and musical experiences for us to discover along the way as we reflect upon the history worn into the streets.

In this physically cinematic experience, fiction melds with our immediate location. It is exciting, intriguing and, at times, confusing for participants to blend the two realities: the virtuality of the video component and the concreteness of the real world. We begin to imagine characters in our physical world aligning with the figures on the screen, and vice versa.


  • Production: Annika Kristensen, Zev Tiefenbach
  • Man out of time: Steve Le Marquand
  • Didgeridoo: Matthew Doyle
  • Street Percussionist: Timothy Constable
  • Historical Interviews: Michael James Welsh, Mrs. Faye Neale
  • Einstein and Tagore: Sebastian Kriete, Shirish Shrinet
  • “Cantus Curatio VI Movement 5” composed by Da Jeong Choi; Cello performed by James Yoo
  • “Ego” composed by Da Jeong Choi; Piano performed by Catherine Davis; Trombone performed by Simon Bartlett
  • “Angry Love” and “In the Piano Room” composed and performed by Cardiff and Miller
  • “Ode to a Nightingale” by John Keats
  • Production Interns: Ilse Moreno, Aneta Trajkoski
  • Thanks to: The Biennale of Sydney, Juliana Engberg, Marah Braye, Gina Hall, William Cottam, Tai Spruyt
  • The City of Sydney, Bridget Smyth, Claire Morgan, Lisa Murray, Laila Ellmoos, Jennifer Kwok, Samantha Williams, Denne Dempsey, Alex Bowen
  • Appetito Restaurant, Kinchela Boys’, Home Aboriginal Corp., Clarence Slockee, Glenn Wallace, Ann Massey, Andrew and Cathy Cameron, Andrew Jackson and Mary Sutton, Gwen Dobson and Dorian Wilde
  • Sydney Harbour Foreshore Authority, Roads and Maritime, Land and Housing Corporation
  • Convoy International, Harman/Kardon
  • Luhring Augustine Gallery, New York; Gallery Koyanagi, Tokyo
  • Firebreather: Shade Flamewater
  • Church Organ: Susan Deas
  • Hooligans: Adriel Pereira, Scott Stirling, Heath Ivey-Law, Ben Winckle
  • Street Interviews: Alla Matveeva, Lorena Ocrospona, Maria Paz Collarte, Gavin Arrow, Sue Bakir, Ben Bolton, Gil and Vicki Elliot, Deanna and Jeff Hinz, Pauline Kunstmenn, Troy Schray, Damian Stazak, Anne Teasdale, Jacqueline Twelsieh, Jack Watkins
  • Street Interviewers: Charlotte Hickson, Neall Kriete, Raoul Marks, Alla Matveena
  • Extras: Cassie Anderson, Toola Andrianopoulos, Aradhana Cardiff Miller, Tim Barbarino, Arianna Bath, Felicity Brading, Linden Braye, Bruce Brown, Nicola Burford, Bebin Khatri Chettri, Sebastian Conti, Aimee De Menzies, Ashley de Silva, Nieva Esplago, Jordi Fernandez, Giuleitta Fraccaro, Todd Fuller, Robbie Gollan, Amanat Grewal, Alex Grilanc, Selina Haefeli, Stephanie Hart, Michael Harvey, Perrine Huber, Carolyn Johns, Yasmin Kara, Rod Kirkman, Neall Kriete, Lena Li, Paula Llull-Llobera, Catalina Lopera, Mick Lounandos, Pier Giorgio Lucchini, Nick McCarthy, Anne Weisz Mortensen, Syrmathenia Nicolakis, Mary Osborn, Lisa Panarello, Stella Piorboni, Geoff Price, Travis Rice , Melissa Rice, Juna Rice, Christopher Sewell, Ruth Shearer, Tehmi Sukhla, Christine Szabo, Nicholas Szabo, Kate Thompson, Miwa Takahashi, Alexander Tanazefti, Dara Vonsonephet, Rosslyn Wythes, Jon Zhu
  • Childcare: Aimee De Menzies, Francisca Rendic, Catalina Lopera
  • Roller Skaters: Harper Baigent , Courtney Craig, Stephanie Daly, Emma Goldie, Deby Horne, Chloe Lyttle, Stephen McKeown, Sarah Murphy, Amy Parkinson, Jared Quinn, Clare Sadler, Carly Saillard, Polly-Ann Stocks, Adriana Suarez, Meg Wannan, Chelsea Wills, Amy Wooding
  • Extra SFX Recordings: Lori Becksted & Dave Rose, Gordon Hempton
  • Additional Ranter Text: F. D. A. Miller
  • App Programming and Design: James McNess, Code and Visual
  • In Memorium Martin Kukula