Alter Bahnhof Video Walk


Alter Bahnhof Video Walk


Video walk

26 minutes

Produced for dOCUMENTA (13), Kassel, Germany.

Cardiff & Miller

The Alter Bahnhof Video Walk was designed for the old train station in Kassel, Germany as part of dOCUMENTA (13). Participants are able to borrow an iPod and headphones from a check-out booth. They are then directed by Cardiff and Miller through the station. An alternate world opens up where reality and fiction meld in a disturbing and uncanny way that has been referred to as “physical cinema”. The participants watch things unfold on the small screen but feel the presence of those events deeply because of being situated in the exact location where the footage was shot. As they follow the moving images (and try to frame them as if they were the camera operator) a strange confusion of realities occurs. In this confusion, the past and present conflate and Cardiff and Miller guide us through a meditation on memory and reveal the poignant moments of being alive and present.


Production Manager
Christoph Platz

Annika Rixen

Zev Tiefenbach

dOCUMENTA (13) assistants
Feodora Pallas
Carolin Schulz
Tomke Braun
Camilla Geier
Chiara Ianeselli

Thanks to
Jay Smith and Laura Rapp
Sennheiser Canada
Offener Kanal Kassel
Armin Ruda
Bali-Kinos im KulturBahnhof
Frank Thöner
Deutsche Bahn
Ralf König
The City of Kassel
Carolyn Christov-Bakargiev
Christine Litz
Susanne Engelbogen
The Canada Council for the Arts
The Banff Centre for the Arts
Horst Hoheisel

Ipods funded by
Jay Smith and Laura Rapp

Headphones supplied by
Sennheiser Canada

Director of Photography
Martin Kukula

Cardiff & Miller

Denk-Stein-Sammlung Memorial Project (1988-1995) by
Horst Hoheisel

“Ballad of the Pirates”
Music by Hanns Eisler
Words by Bertolt Brecht
Euphonium and Vocals by
Jason Liebert
Tuba by Stefan Pahlke

Music by Juan Tizol
Words by Irving Mills
Euphonium and Vocals by
Jason Liebert
Tuba by Stefan Pahlke

“Cantus Curatio VIII (3rd Movement)”
Composed by Da Jeong Choi
Trombones played by
Bram Fournier
Karol Gajda
Peter Leipold
Mikael Rudolfsson
Konstantin Udert
Johannes Weidner

Choreographed by
Brigitte Gautschi
Danced by
Luisa Engelbogen

“Dance for 2”
and Danced by
Laurie Young &
Grayson Millwood


Older Woman (with red shirt)
Ingrid Masuhr

Older Man (War Recollection)
Werner Dettmar

Fake TV Crew
Tobias Böhm
Christoph Neugebauer

Man in Corridor
Jürgen Wink

Tomke Braun
Borak Busak
Nicole Dörnbach
Camilla Geier
Brigitte Gautschi
Aurelio Ghirardelli
Aykot Gner
Patrick Happe
Chiara Ianeselli
Luzia Johann
Paul Jung
Benjamin Koziol
Elisabeth Krämer
Cristina Losada-Sarmiento
Maria Montesi
Florence Planger
Radek Pater
Melanie Räuschel
Lena Reisner
Nefeli Skarmea
Carmen Schilling
Carolin Schulz
Iliana Seidel
Iacopo Seri
Thorsten Streichardt
Frank Thöner
Tetjana Zolotopupova
Feodora Pallas
Louisa Engelbogen
Jan Marthiensen
Henrik Groß

Additional Thanks
Michael Gaertner
Eric Fagervik
Titus Madelechner
Carlo Crovato
Clara Meister