Cabin Fever


Cabin Fever


Wooden structure, diorama, 2 headphones

approx. 4 min.

1.5m x 2.5m x 2m

Cardiff & Miller

In Cabin Fever Cardiff and Miller reference traditional museum displays: a wooden cabinet with a rectangular hole in the front revealing a diorama of a cabin in a forest at night. The soundtrack loop, using headphones and binaural sound, starts with the sound of a car driving down a country road. You then hear a man’s footsteps, a telephone ringing and what sounds like a domestic argument coming from the cabin. The lights in the cabin flicker so it is a clue that the person(s) in the cabin may be listening to TV (domestic argument is from the soundtrack of the Godfather). Next there is the sound of a door opening, two gunshots then you hear the argument stop and the telephone starts ringing again.

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