Janet Cardiff & George Bures Miller

Works from the Goetz Collection

Ed.: Leon Krempel


Publisher: Hatje Cantz



  • Alexander Alberro
  • Nora M. Alter
  • Okwul Enwezor
  • Leon Krempel
  • Lutz Koepnick
  • Brigitte Kolle
  • Clara Meister
  • Volker Pantenburg
  • Rainald Schumacher

The sound installations and sound images by the Canadian artist duo Janet Cardiff & Georges Bures Miller have received international acclaim. Over a period of years, Ingvild Goetz has incorporated an entire series of works by Cardiff (*1957 in Ontario) and Miller (*1960 in Alberta) into her collection. This publication is the first to present them all together, providing details about their creation and references and shedding light on their place in the artists’ oeuvre. In doing so, particular focus is placed on the key importance of sound as well as the special way that Cardiff & Miller deal with this very important—yet usually only subliminally perceived—aspect of current media art.

Referenced Works