The Cabinet of Curiousness


The Cabinet of Curiousness


Unique oak card catalogue with speakers and audio

52 X 17 1/2 X 27 inches (132.08 X 44.45 X 68.58 cm)

Cardiff & Miller

The Cabinet of Curiousness is an antique wooden card catalogue with 20 drawers. Functioning as an interactive piece, the opening of each drawer activates a voice or piece of music from within the cabinet. The audience, assuming the role of a DJ, may experience the clarity of sound from one drawer or a cacophony of sounds from numerous drawers opened simultaneously as the cabinet is played like an instrument. A contrast emerges between the obsolete system of cataloguing single pieces of data and our current tendency to inundate ourselves with excessive information. An investigation of knowledge, time, and our relationship to objects and music.


  • All photos by Larry Lamay

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