Night Walk for Edinburgh

The video content on this page was recorded with binaural audio. For best results please use headphones.


Night Walk for Edinburgh


Video Walk

55 Minutes

Commissioned by The Fruitmarket Gallery, Edinburgh Acquired for the City of Edinburgh by The Fruitmarket Gallery with Art Fund support Supported by: The Cardiff Miller Commissioning Circle, Royal Mile: Dasha Shenkman OBE, Nick Thomas, Old Assembly: Melanie Reid Advocates: Sophie Crichton-Stuart, Sarah and Gerard Griffin, Catherine Muirden and Werner Keschner, William Zachs and Martin Adam High Commission of Canada in the United Kingdom In partnership with and premiered for Edinburgh International Festival, 2019 In association with Edinburgh Art Festival

Cardiff & Miller

The image of the street comes up on the screen you are holding. It appears that it has been shot in the exact location that you are standing in, almost as if it is in real time. A figure walks past on the video as another passes by in the real world, the two realities aligning. The sounds from the headphones are startlingly three-dimensional, further merging the two worlds in front of you. A female voice close behind you says: so here I am in Edinburgh…

As you listen, she begins to tell you where you are – you should be at the bottom of Advocates’ Close, looking out at Cockburn Street with your back to the steps… – and what you should do – now let’s turn around… and go up the stairs.


  • Production: Sam Woods (Edinburgh) Zev Tiefenbach (Canada)
  • Camera and sound: Cardiff & Miller
  • Focus puller: Marta Maluva
  • Technical support: Zuzanna Grajzer, Eric Höenig, Jake Kennedy, Marta Maluva, Jamie Mitchell
  • Music:
  • Kathryn Joseph, The Worm, 2015. Performed by Kathryn Joseph.
  • Reiko Füting, tanz.tanz. [], for solo violin, 2010. Published by Abundant Silence. Performed by Daniel Pioro.
Bach, Chaconne, from Partita No. 2 in D Minor. Performed by Daniel Pioro.
  • Missy Mazzoli, Overture from ‘Song from the Uproar’, 2012. By Missy Mazzoli, Abigail Fischer, and NOW Ensemble. Published by G. Schirmer Inc.
  • Donald Morrison, Tha Mi Duilich, 19th century Gaelic song. Performed by Dolina MacLennan.
  • Excerpts from poems by: Norman MacCaig, Walter Scott
  • Photographs:
  • Patrick Geddes, Children in Tron Square, c.1889. Courtesy University of Edinburgh Special Collections
  • Unknown photographer, Children and staff outside the Scottish National Society for Prevention of Cruelty
to Children, c.1900. Courtesy Children 1st
  • Production photographs: Chris Scott
  • Cast:
  • Singer: Kathryn Joseph
  • Percussionist:Adam Clifford
  • Dancers/Choreographers: Joel Brown and Eve Mutso
  • Violinist: Daniel Pioro
  • Magician: Elliot Bibby
  • Older woman: Dolina MacLennan
  • Woman in first red coat: January Watson
  • Man in yellow coat: Jack Cocker
  • Girl with ball: Aradhana Cardiff Miller
  • Woman reading in window: Ruth Bretherick
  • Mother and friend: Rebecca Clark and Beth Godfrey
  • Conversation at The Devil’s Advocate: David Grinly and Daniel Pioro
  • Woman with a hose: Allison Everett
  • Couple taking photographs: Phoebe Grigor and Marty Hailey
  • Group of rowdy men: Andrew Campbell, Charlie Marshall, Alex McSherry, Gilchrist Muir, Adam Tomkins, Mat Urey, Fraser Walker
  • Forensic team: Izzie Chappell, Suzanne McLenachan, Joanne Sharkey
  • Voice of tour guide: Tonks Brown
  • Detectives: Camilla Irvine-Fortescue and Simon Wigglesworth
  • Women in the apartment: Dolina MacLennan and Claire Sylvester
  • Man on a ladder: George Spender
  • Silent disco guides: Mat Urey and Gilchrist Muir, from Silent Adventures Edinburgh
  • Silent disco participants: Yasmine Akumune-Miles, Sara Amido, Lorcan Archibald, Timothea Armour, Hannah Ayre, Morgan Barley, Nicholas Bone, Emma Brown, Natalie Bullions, Amandine Butticaz, Flora Buy Quang Da, Aradhana Cardiff Miller, Poppy Collinson, Mark Daniels, Tom Day, Natalie Divine, Lauren Ferguson, Giulia Gentili, Louise Gilmour Willis, Ruairidh Greig, Steven Gribbin, Nicky Hogan, Connie Hurley, Peter Kemp, Khadea Kuchenmeister, Liv Laumenech, Connor Low, Elise Machin, Claire Martin, Lucy Mason, Kirstie Meehan, Jim Mulligan, Leila Nardone, Marisa Navarole, Lesa Ng, Brodie Reekie, Giulio Riccardi, Gill Robertson, Rebecca Sharp, Heather Stirling, Claire Sylvester, Louise Warmington, Jinling Wu
  • Extras: Antoine Asmar, Felix Barley, Morgan Barley, Francis Bickmore, Oscar Bickmore, Daniel Boden, John Boursnell, Ian Bownes, Lindsay Boyd, Fiona Bradley, Jan Bradley, Lorna Bruce, James Buchanan, Amandine Butticaz, Nic Cameron, Aradhana Cardiff Miller, Billy Chapman, Charlotte Cocker, Eoin Dara, Jacqueline Donachie, Tom Everett, Andrew Gannon, Susan Gladwin, Emily Goodwin, Vincent Gradt, John Gray, Imogen Hales, Patty Healy McMeans, Eric Höenig, Sophia Irvine-Fortescue, Patrick Jones, Jake Kennedy, Werner Keschner, Elaine Kilpatrick, Marta Maluva, Janet McCrorie, Ally McGurk, Caitlin McKinnon, Elizabeth McLean, Jamie Mitchell, Rebecca Morgan, Tracy Morgan, Iain Morrison, Catherine Muirden, Dan Murray, Arabella Ross Paterson, Chris Scott, Zivile Siutilaite, Armida Taylor, Celia Willis, Sam Woods, Samuele Zara

With thanks to: All the team at the Edinburgh International Festival, especially Fergus Linehan, Roy Luxford, Emma Hay, John Robb, Callum Howie and the Edinburgh International Festival Technical Team, Tina Walsberger Reiko Füting, Kathryn Joseph, Dolina MacLennan and Missy Mazzoli for permitting us to use their music Edinburgh City Council, especially Paul Lawrence and John McNeill Sorcha Carey and the Edinburgh Art Festival Mark Donald, Giulia Medaglini, and all at The Milkman, Cockburn Street DanceBase, Edinburgh; The Devil’s Advocate, Advocate’s Close; John Robertson and The Faculty of Advocates, Edinburgh; Edinburgh Fringe Festival; Anne Wright, Robert Thomson and all at Forth Stone; Motel One, Cockburn Street; Jay Feeney and Silent Adventures Edinburgh; St Giles Cathedral, Edinburgh; Supreme Courts, Parliament House and Nick Barley, David Joseph Bassin, Danny Boyle, Danielle Bruns, Quentin Burns, Catriona Clark, Jack Cocker, Molly Rose Cordiner, Rebecca Elise, Barry Greenin, Robert Hergane, Jo Kennedy, Marcas Mac an Tuairneir, Mark McDonnell, Joy Parkinson, Sunniva Ramsay, Cluny Sheeler, Polina Sulim, Mark Tempini, Clare Tavernor, Neil Warmington, Owen Curtis Williams


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