Janet Cardiff created her first audio walk in 1991 during a residency at the Banff Centre for the Arts. Since then, she and George Bures Miller have created numerous audio and video walks in locations around the world. An audio walk is similar to an audioguide. Audiences are given an iPod and headphones and the recording guides them through a narrative of events that occur along a route.The audio playback is layered with various background sounds all recorded in binaural audio which gives the feeling that those recorded sounds are present in the actual environment. In a video walk, viewers are provided with a video screen which they use to follow a film recorded in the past along the same route they are traversing in the present. Also using binaural microphones and edited to create a sense of continuous motion, the fictional world of the film blends seamlessly with the reality of the architecture and body in motion. The perceptive confusion is deepened by the dream-like narrative elements that occur in the pre-recorded film.