The Muriel Lake Incident

The video content on this page was recorded with binaural audio. For best results please use headphones.


The Muriel Lake Incident


Multimedia construction with video projection and binaural audio

5 min.

231,14 cm x 157,5 cm x 185 cm

Cardiff & Miller

The visitor stands in front of a large wooden box looking through a rectangular opening to see a miniature model of a cinema with grey, empty rows of seats, and a small projection screen onto which a film is being projected. Listening on a pair of headphones they hear the 3-dimentional (binaural) sounds of the film, a woman next to them talking and eating popcorn and a surprise ending including a gunshot and a frightened audience.


Actors: Jim Manis, George Bures Miller, Janet Cardiff
Singer: Andonio Dalgas

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Distributed by Buchandlung Walther Koenig

ISBN 87-91607-32-9