The Secret Hotel


The Secret Hotel


Site specific wood, mixed media, and sound installation for Kunsthaus Bregenz

Cardiff & Miller

After mounting the stairs from the first floor of the museum to the second, you enter a room with a low ceiling and you see another set of stairs leading upward. The stairwell is made of wood and lined with wallpaper reminiscent of an old American hotel from ‘The Shining’. When you reach the top, you realize that you are above the ceiling of the second floor, walking along a platform. All around you are the etched glass panels of the ceiling from the real floor below. Strange noises like those of an old industrial building mingle around you. Continuing along the walkway above the ceiling, you see an opening surrounded by a bannister. As you look into this opening, your vision is thrust down a long shaft to a small room at the bottom that seems to be at least two stories below you. Your spatial understanding is confused by the forced perspective of the walls and furniture which makes the room appear life size but is actually ¼ size. A chair, a bed and a record player are some of the things in this room.


  • Sound composition: Titus Maderlechner