Osaka Symphony

The video content on this page was recorded with binaural audio. For best results please use headphones.


Osaka Symphony


A site specific audio installation commissioned by the The National Museum of Art, Osaka, Japan.

Cardiff & Miller

The audience are given an iPod and headphones and asked to explore a long narrow corridor. As the viewer moves through the space numerous soundtracks play all dependent on where the person is in the corridor. Audio fades up as they enter a certain area and fades down as they leave that area. Sounds overlap and mix together all controlled by each individual. Each audience member becomes a DJ using their body movements as they ‘play’ the space.


Koujirou Hirose
Oritayu Takemoto VI
Izumi Masuda
Toru Ota
The 4th grade, Dekijima Elementary School, Osaka
Syoshikai Kendo Club
Naoko Kawamura
Takayoshi Kawamura
Osteria Leb
Shinji Yamada
Aradhana Cardiff Miller
Maryke Simmonds
Zev Tiefenbach
Yuka Uematsu
HIGURE 17-15 cas
Toshihiko Arimoto
Mami Suda
Yu Shimura
Yukiko Watari
Ichiro Mishima
Takashi Nishino
Atsuko Koyanagi
Sho Kuwajima