La Tour


La Tour


Mixed Media with video projection and binaural audio

5 min. loop

Cardiff & Miller

The crowds surrounds you. Voices booing and hissing. The Carnie yells over the sound of the organ music:

Ladies and Gentlemen, …never before seen, part human, part creature, an animal that knows no bounds, that shouldn’t exist in our world. …come watch her, touch her if you’re brave enough…

Inside the tent it’s dark and warm. Candlesticks, a table set for dinner, old worn out rugs, draperies, a bed in the corner. Overlaid cyberpunk. Cold steel pipes, wires running everywhere, video cameras moving, scanning, constantly watching. Watching what? The past. The future. In the monitor you glimpse the dogheaded boy serving dinner; the man with his long hair tied to the ceiling; an elderly woman stares back at you from where she rests on the bed.

Time is just another kind of space. You can step into a dimension like a closet and come out in another room or another century.