Something Strange This Way - Janet Cardiff and George Bures Miller

Published by Hatje Cantz
ISBN 978-3-7757-3978-8
The multimedia works by the Canadian artist duo Janet Cardiff (*1957) and George Bures Miller (*1960) directly touch the senses. They are often reminiscent of childhood experiences, contrasting fun with the surprising and the uncanny. Something Strange This Way documents a unique presentation at the ARoS Aarhus Art Museum that for the first time unites six large-scale installations by the artists on the subject of the entertainment industry in a fairground-like course. Colorful lights, music, and maze sequences define the atmosphere and take visitors on a trip to a no man’s land situated somewhere between reality and fiction: besides The Killing Machine (2007), Opera for a Small Room (2005), and the interactive sound sculpture, Cabinet of Curiousness (2010), the works Storm Room (2009) und The Carnie (2010) are being shown in Europe for the first time. One of the special highlights of the exhibition is also the famous work The Forty Part Motet (2001), an elaborate sound installation with forty individual speakers.

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Lost in the Memory Palace:
Janet Cardiff and George Bures Miller

Digital Publication

Lost in the Memory Palace: Janet Cardiff and George Bures Miller is published in conjunction with the exhibition organized by the Vancouver Art Gallery and the Art Gallery of Ontario in 2013-14.

This publication offers an in-depth exploration of seven major works included in the exhibition: The Dark Pool, 1995; The Muriel Lake Incident, 1999; Road Trip, 2004; Opera for a Small Room, 2005; The Killing Machine, 2007; Storm Room, 2009; and Experiment in F# Minor, 2013.

Artists Janet Cardiff and George Bures Miller are internationally renowned for their work with new media and technologies, producing compelling environments for interactive experiences. The exhibition is focused on the theme of “the room” and provides an overview of their collaborative history. The room as a site of narrative production has a long and diverse history in art, but few artists have approached it with the imaginative focus, intensity and persistence of Cardiff and Miller.

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Janet Cardiff & George Bures Miller:
Works from the Goetz Collection


Published by Hatje Cantz
ISBN 978-3-7757-3286-4
The sound installations and sound images by the Canadian artist duo Janet Cardiff & Georges Bures Miller have received international acclaim. Over a period of years, Ingvild Goetz has incorporated an entire series of works by Cardiff (*1957 in Ontario) and Miller (*1960 in Alberta) into her collection. This publication is the first to present them all together, providing details about their creation and references and shedding light on their place in the artists’ oeuvre. In doing so, particular focus is placed on the key importance of sound as well as the special way that Cardiff & Miller deal with this very important—yet usually only subliminally perceived—aspect of current media art.

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Janet Cardiff & George Bures Miller:
The Murder of Crows


Published by Hatje Cantz
ISBN 978-3-7757-3177-5
Documentation and material on selected sound installations by the team of Cardiff and Miller—with a DVD, 3D effects, and 3D glasses. Edited by Catherine Crowsten, texts by Janet Cardiff, Carolyn Christov-Bakargiev, Catherine Crowston, George Bures Miller, graphic design by Verena Gerlach

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Janet Cardiff & George Bures Miller:
The House of Books has no Windows


Published by Modern Art Oxford
ISBN 978-0-9479-1254-3
Fully-illustrated, two-volume publication containing texts and images of works exhibited and essays by Fiona Bradley and Jules Youngberg, the artists' nephew, together with notes and drawings for as yet unrealised works.

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Janet Cardiff and George Bures Miller.
The Killing Machine and Other stories 1995 - 2007


By MACBA Barcelona and Mathildenhohe Darmstadt, texts by Ralph Beil and Bartomeo Mari and other authors
ISBN 978-3-7757-2002-1
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EUR 35.00

A comprehensive book with a survey of Works including a DVD. Book is available in English, Spanish and German.
Janet Cardiff & George Bures Miller
Louisiana Contemporary


Michael Juul Holm and Mette Marcus (eds)
Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, Denmark
ISBN 87-91607-32-9
Distributed by Buchandlung Walther Koenig EUR 22,00
28 pages

The catalogue, including an audio-CD , has been published on the occasion of the exhibition LOUISIANA CONTEMPORARY.
The Secret Hotel. Janet Cardiff + George Bures Miller

By Kunsthaus Bregenz, Eckgard Schneider (ed.)
ISBN: 3-86560-014-x
Distributed by Buchhandlung Walther Koenig EUR 49.50

A comprehensive book with English and German texts including a DVD, a vinyl record and a CD.
Janet Cardiff: The Walk Book

Edited by Thyssen_Bornemisza Art Contemporary, Vienna in collaboration with Public Art Fund, New York, texts by Mirjam Schaub
ISBN: 3-88375-824-8
Distributed by Buchhandlung Walther Koenig or D.A.P./Distributed Art Publishers, New York
EUR 59.00

A survey of walks including a site-specific walk through the book; 1 Audio-CD with 35 tracks, texts in English.
Pandemonium. Janet Cardiff + George Bures Miller

Curated by Julie Courtney, Eastern State Penitentiary Historic Site
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ISBN: 0-9649221-2-6
EUR 13,50

Documentation of the audio installation including an Audio-CD with the piece, Texts in English.
Janet Cardiff - "Eyes of Laura"

"Hello, I am Laura, a security guard at the Vancouver Art Gallery. through work, I have access to a lot of security cameras. I hacked a way to put one of these online on my blog so you can see it and control it."

Co-writer: Meredith Andrews
Producer: Vancouver Art Gallery
ISBN: 1-895442-52-4
Janet Cardiff – George Bures Miller

Text by Carolyn Christov-Bakargiev
Astrup Fearnley Museum of Modern Art, Oslo
ISBN 82-91430-35-7
Distributed by Buchandlung Walther Koenig
EUR 13.50
40 pages

The catalogue has been published on the occasion of the exhibition Janet Cardiff – George Bures Miller. Texts in English and Norwegian.
Janet Cardiff.
A survey of works including collaborations with George Bures Miller


By P.S. 1 Contemporary art Center, Anthony Hubermann (ed.), text by Carolyn Christov- Bakargiev
ISBN: 0-9704428-3-1
Distributed by Art Press order at
EUR 29.95

A comprehensive book including a CD with 3 audio walks, texts in English.
Janet Cardiff & George Bures Miller – Venice Biennial –
The Paradise Institute


Texts by Wayne Baerwald
Distributed by Buchhandlung Walther Koenig ISBN: 0921381239
EUR 39.80
Text in English, German, Italian and French

This catalogue has been published to coincide with their exhibition at the 49th Venice Biennale, for which they received a special award.
A Large Slow River - Janet Cardiff

Paddy O´Brien (ed) Text by Marnie Fleming
Published by Oakville Galleries,
46 pages

Accompagnied with a audio-CD
George Bures Miller – Simple Experiments in Aerodynamics:6&7

Texts by Wayne Baerwaldt & Dana Samuel
Published by Mercer Union, A Centre for Contemporary Art
ISBN 0-921527-41-1
Janet Cardiff. The Missing Voice (case study b)

Published by Artangel London, James Lingwood and Gerrie van Noord (ed.), texts by Kittie Scott
ISBN 1 902201 07 8
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The book is documenting a 39-minute walk still available in London England through Artangel, Texts in English.
George Bures Miller. Simple experiments in aerodynamics

Essays by Charles Acland, David Clearwater
Published by Lethbridge, Alta. : Southern Alberta Art Gallery
ISBN: 0921613784
Janet Cardiff, To Touch

Text by Laurel Woodcock.
Published by Southern Alberta Art Gallery
ISBN 0-921613-58-X

The catalogue has been published on the occasion of the exhibitions in Southern Alberta Art Gallery and The Power Plant Gallery, Toronto.